​​​The school uniform is a symbol of our school's identity. It is to be worn, without variations, with pride at all times. Sports uniform is to be worn on days advised by class teacher.


HAIR is to be worn at appropriate length and natural colour i.e. Shoulder length or longer to be tied back neatly with school coloured (royal blue) hair accessories. Fringes should not be across eyes (impeding vision) and no tracks or undercuts are permitted.

JEWELLERY is not part of the uniform.  Items such as watches, 1 earring in the form of plain studs or sleepers and religious necklaces or medical alerts are acceptable.

SCHOOL BAG with school emblem is a compulsory part of our school uniform. (Two sizes P-3 & 4-6 available.) 

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SHOES  All black sports joggers (no colour) or black school shoes. Plain black sandals may be worn in warmer weather.

HAT Years 1-6 compulsory formal royal blue hat with wide brim and school emblem. Sports bucket hat (reversible with house colour) with school emblem for HPE lessons, sports days and sporting activities only. This sports bucket hat is compulsory for Prep, and optional for Yrs 1 – 6.


​The Uniform Shop is operated by The School Locker and is open 8.00am - 9.30am Friday mornings​ - term time with the exception of the last Friday of each term.

ON LINE ORDERING:  Delivery can be to home address, workplace, or collect from uniform shop at the next opening day. www.theschoollocker.com.au - choose uniforms – choose school – place order and pay with paypal, direct deposit or card. ​


© Brisbane Catholic Education, St Luke’s (2023)