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St Luke's Catholic Parish School implements the Australian Curriculum as developed by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

The implementation of the Australian Curriculum is guided by the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration. The Declaration consists of two distinct but interconnected goals:

Goal 1: The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity


Goal 2: All young Australians become: 

  • confident and creative individuals

  • successful lifelong learners

  • active and informed members of the community

Alice Springs Declaration.pdf

Learning at St Luke's is:

  • engaging and reflective​

  • inclusive

  • inquiry based

  • data informed

  • differentiated

Learning Areas at St Luke's:

  • Religious Education

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • History and Social Sciences (HASS)

  • Science

  • Technologies

  • Health and Physical Education

  • The Arts

  • Languages - Japanese Year 2-6

Assessment at St Luke's

Assessing student learning is an integral part of teaching and learning. It improves learning and informs teaching. It is the process through which teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student achievement and learning in order to improve, enhance and plan for further learning.

Assessment of student learning takes place at different levels and for different purposes, including:

  • ongoing formative assessment within classrooms for the purposes of monitoring learning and providing feedback, for teachers to inform their teaching and for students to inform their learning
  • summative assessment for the purposes of twice-yearly reporting by schools to parents and carers on the progress and achievement of students

Reporting at St Luke's

Curriculum Information Sessions are held in early Term 1.

Parents are invited to attend Student Progress Meetings twice per year (Term 1 & 3)

Written reports are uploaded to the Parent Portal at the end of each Semester (1 & 2)

Parents are welcome to make appointments with their child's teacher at any time during the year.