Specialist Lessons

​Each child at St Luke's participates in Physical Education, Performing Arts, Creative Arts and Japanese (Year 2-6) lessons led by specialist teachers.

Physical Education

Physical Education at St Luke's is considered an essential part of a child's development. There is a strong emphasis on game sense, skill acquisition and sportsmanship as students learn various skills throughout the year in their weekly PE specialist lessons. Students in all year levels participate in the core skills from ACARA Health and Physical Education Curriculum.
A highlight of the yearly school sporting calendar are the Inter House Competitions in Swimming, Cross Country and Track and Field. These are specifically designed for sport house team cohesion and individual success. Our​ Year 5 & 6 students participate in Interschool Sports Carnival Days in a variety of teams sports held during the year. Students also have the opportunity to participate at a representative level in swimming, cross country and athletics at the Bayside Catholic Primary Schools and the Bayside District carnivals. Students also have the opportunity to progress to district, regional, state and national representation in most sports through the Bayside District selection process.

The names of the three sport houses at St Luke's are drawn from our natural bushland setting.  They are Grevillea (Red); Banksia (Green) and Wattle (Yellow).

Performing Arts

At St Luke's students engage in weekly Performing Art lessons with a specialist teacher. During this time, students have the opportunity to learn and experience Music, Dance and Drama.

Creative Arts

St Luke's Creative Arts program is one that sees the artistic potential in every child. Students have the opportunity to use a wide range of art mediums, learn about different artists, develop skills and creative expression in Visual Arts and Media Arts. 

Languages - Japanese

The Australian Curriculum languages is designed to enable all students to learn a language in addition to English. At St Luke's, students in Year 2-6 are given the opportunity to learn Japanese. Under the guidance of a specialist teacher, students engage in weekly learning opportunities that spark their curiosity and wonder in another language, country and culture. Students gain an appreciation of ways of life, thinking and communicating that are different from their own.​