​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The teachers at St Luke's are committed and focused specialists in their field, and are trained to deliver the best possible learning outcomes. The teaching staff includes classroom teachers and specialist teachers in the fields of Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Japanese and Physical Education. St Luke's is supported by a dedicated and hard working ancillary staff who together work towards the benefit of the St Luke's Community.
​St Luke's Staff 2024
Denita Castley ​ ​Principal 
Peta Brookwell
​Assistant Principal Religious Education​
Classroom Teachers
Aaron Christensen
​Prep Blue
Jennifer Foody-Versace
​Prep White
Cassy Williams
​Year 1 Blue
Alex Trevithick
Year 1 White​
Marnie Tyler
Year 2 Blue​
Paulette Graham
Year 2 White​
Kathleen Speechley​​ 
Year 3 Blue
​Allana Flanagan & Courtney Donsky 
Year 3 White​
Brooke Harrison
Year 4 Blue​
​Sharyn Leafe & Deanna Dawson
​Year 4 White
Robyn Prentice
Year 5 Blue
Maree Wallace
Year 5 White
Daniel Harding 
​Year 6 White

Specialist Teachers​ ​
Michelle Dal​y
Primary Learning Leader
​Brigid Burford & Tara Homan

Support Teacher : Inclusive Education

​Katrina Kerr
​Teacher Librarian
Raymond Schwartz
Guidance Counsellor
Alli May
​The Arts
Anna Yamaura
Eric Massey
​Physical Education
​Kimberly Dunn

Office Staff​​ ​
​Alfina Miller ​Finance Secretary
​Louise Phillips
​School Secretary
Kaylene Cooper
School Officers​ ​
​Jenny Fels & Kirsty Stevens

Sarah Harvey

Beth Hill

Marie-Therese Jennings

Jen Knight & Michelle Houliston

​Frances Ellis

​Spenser Gauci

​Lisa Morris​

​Suzanne Peters
​Library Assistant
​​Debra Sellwood
​Tuckshop Convenor
Peter Bakes