School Fees & Levies

2024 School Fees.pdf

2024 School Fee Collection and Payment Policy.pdf

​In order to meet the expenses incurred in the running of our school, each family is expected to contribute so that the cost is spread fairly. A family’s contribution takes the form of FEES as follows:

School Tuition Fees go towards paying costs such as salaries, teaching/learning resources, classroom consumables, rates, insurance (including student disability and accident cover).  

The Capital Levy assists in repaying the loans outstanding for our school buildings and supports the on-going maintenance costs of our school.

The P&F Levy  assists in supporting the school in purchasing resources for student use and special projects.  A parent who contribute 10 or more hours of voluntary service can apply for a refund of up to $100 of the P&F Levy, subject to fees accounts being up to date.  Cards are kept in the school’s reception for parents to record such services. Services that qualify parents for refunds:  Resource Centre shelving or book covering, tuckshop and P&F event coordination.

The Education Levy includes all the costs associated with education including: 

  • all stationery and text books, 
  • all consumables, 
  • all excursions, incursions and sports carnivals
  • swimming lessons (P-2), 
  • 1 to 1 iPad program, 
  • Year 5 and Year 6 camps, 
  • ​Accident / injury insurance for all students.​ ​​​​​