Uniform Shop is open 8.00am - 9.30am Friday mornings​.

​The school uniform is a practical, fashionable and affordable way to clothe your child for school. Beyond this, it is a symbol of our school’s identity. It is to be worn, without variations, at all times. Sports uniform is to be worn on days advised by class teacher.

The wearing of jewellery is not part of the uniform, however, standard items such as watches, earrings in the form of studs, and religious necklaces are permitted.

Boys - Formal Uniform

  • Blue and white check shirt, blue trim
  • Royal blue long-legged shorts with school emblem

Girl - Formal Uniform

  • Blue and white check dress, blue trim

Boys & Girls Sports Uniform

  • Royal blue and white polo with school emblem
  • Royal blue sports shorts and school emblem

General Uniform

  • Hat - royal blue wide-brimmed with St Luke’s fabric on band
  • Shoes - plain black (no colours)
  • Sport shoes - plain black (no colours)
  • Socks - white or royal blue ankle length (recommend white for girls, blue for boys)
  • Sandals - navy sandals in summer (optional)
  • Long Hair - to be tied back with royal blue ribbons, royal blue scrunchies or St Luke’s fabric scrunchies.

Winter Uniform - Options

  • Royal Blue Fleece Jacket (with school emblem) and matching long pants OR
  • Royal Blue/White Tazlon Jacket (with school emblem) and matching long pants
  • V neck fleece vest with school emblem.
  • Royal blue/ navy tights for girls (optional)