Resource Centre

St Luke's has a well equipped library where the children can go anytime to read and enjoy quality literature.

The Resource Centre also offers the children access to information which is both online and in book form. The children have lessons in the library where they learn to access and use information and develop note taking skills. They learn about computers, digital cameras, scanners and how to use software programs to produce work and animations.

It is the aim of St Luke’s school library to provide an educational resource service for the whole school community.

St Luke’s Library:­

  • assists in the development of information skills;
  • provides guidance in the development of reading skills/enjoyment and literary appreciation;
  • provides special resource services to classroom learning programs through print and non-­print materials;
  • provides resource services for the professional development of teachers;
  • provides use of library space for curriculum activities in the school;
  • develops resources for school based curriculum;
  • creates a stimulating environment and offers the opportunity to use leisure time constructively;
  • liaises with community and government agencies to ensure use of all available resources for the school’s educational programs;
  • has a fully computerised resource collection to facilitate children’s interaction with information technology and to provide greater ease and access to our resource collection.
The policy of St Luke’s library is to assist in the educational development of individuals in the context of community needs and aspirations. These services are co-ordinated by the Teacher Librarian. 

Collection Development

An active, ongoing Collection Development Policy is in place to ensure that as the school grows, resources will be available to support resource-based programs in the classrooms.

Consideration is given to the quality, capacity and extent of services to individuals and groups of children recognising their special needs and expectations.


Students are encouraged and supported by their teachers and the Teacher-Librarian to use the library for personal enjoyment, reading and for study purposes. Ongoing co-operatively planned programs related to class studies integrate library resource usage with class work. Respect and care for St Luke’s resources are stressed at all times and a library bag is an essential part of the borrowing process.


St Luke’s Resource Centre relies heavily upon parental support in the processing of all school resources. Resources are processed at monthly working bees and also at home. This support is invaluable and significantly adds to the development of resources for St Luke’s children.

Parents are most welcome to borrow from our library.