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Subway Order Form​



Tuckshop days are Thursday and Friday. Orders are to be placed in the Tuckshop Box in the classroom on the morning before tuckshop is required (Wednesday for Thursday and Thursday for Friday).


Snacks can be bought from the tuckshop at second lunch on Friday only.


Guidelines for ordering tuckshop:

1.  Brown paper bag with the following details: name, class, items to order, day order is required. 
2.  3 or more items - please provide extra bag so we can fit all items in & complete their order. Should you not have a bag please provide extra 10c per bag required.
3.  Correct money to be provided if possible please. Change if required will be taped to the bag and returned with lunch
4.  Triple fold bags. Please no sticky tape or staples as bags get torn trying to open them
5.  All cold items will have a ticket attached to lunch bag. Children will then need to bring to tuckshop to collect.
6.   If item is missing or mistake is made please have your child come straight back to tuckshop to have it corrected.

Thank you so much for assisting in smoothing down the tuckshop process.

Mary Smith 3D
1 x chicken burger $2.80
1 x choc breaka $1.40
1 x zing .50
TOTAL $4.70
Enclosed $5.00
Change .30
Example of a tuckshop order.