Teaching & Learning Policy


St Luke’s embraces the Brisbane Catholic Education Council Learning and Teaching Policy. We acknowledge that learning is a lifelong and life-giving journey that empowers all learners in our community.

Policy Statement

At St Luke’s we value the lifelong journey of learning and are committed to providing enthusiastic, knowledgeable, skilful and caring teachers who facilitate quality learning for all students in a safe and supportive educational environment.

We recognize the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in our community as we promote a harmonious and productive environment through interactive partnerships between teachers, parents and students.


We are devoted to the learning and development of the whole person by upholding the seven value symbols of St Luke’s. We see the desire for knowledge as a lifelong journey through promotion and fostering of:

  • A love of learning and inquiry,
  • An array of learning experiences
  • Ethical and purposeful learning and
  • Learning that leads to wisdom

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