Relationships Policy


The seven value symbols of St Luke’s call us to celebrate and practice “Christ in our living”.

Through developing positive relationships among all members of our community, we can fully commit to developing a caring and supportive environment that encompasses spirituality, life and culture.

Policy Statement

At St Luke’s we value the diversity and uniqueness of each individual as we strive to live out the gospel in our every day lives.  We are committed to building open and positive relationships based on respect and equality in a nurturing and harmonious environment.

Values / Principles

St Luke’s is committed to providing a safe and caring environment which fosters respect for others and promotes a supportive Catholic Christian Community.

We value:

  • High quality, Catholic, inclusive education full of opportunities for growth
  • Supportive and nurturing relationships among students, staff and parents
  • A safe and happy community in beautiful surroundings, which we protect and enhance for future generations, and where individuals flourish.

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More information about Queensland Catholic Education Commission policies and Brisbane Catholic Education policies in relation to relationships may be found using the following links: