​Parents are partners in the education of their children with the community of St Luke’s.  For children to reach their potential, this partnership is crucial.  The focus of this partnership is the welfare, growth and development of the children in our joint care. Good, open parent-teacher communication is very important at St Luke’s Catholic Parish School. For parents it is so much easier to solve problems, to feel reassured and to be confident in what is happening in the classroom when there are open channels of communication between home and school.  A Parent Partnership Process document has been compiled and is available to all parents.

Teachers will readily make themselves available to meet with parents to discuss a child’s progress. However, at no time will teachers be available for such meetings when they have teaching or supervisory responsibilities. To do otherwise would be to ask them to compromise their ‘duty of care’. The usual practice for arranging such meetings is for parents to leave a return phone call message for the class teacher with our school’s secretary. The call will be returned.

The schools newsletter is a vital part of our communication. It is sent home electronically​ fortnightly Tuesday and is available on the BCE Connect App.