Arrivals and Departures

Daily Routine​ ​
Before school supervision starts 8:15am
School starts - 1st Session 8:30am to 10:40 am
Lunch Break (eat 15mins play 30 mins) 10:40am to 11:25am
2nd Session 11:25am to 1:25pm
Snack break (eat 10 mins play 20mins) 1:25pm to 1:55pm
3rd Session 1:55pm to 2:55pm

Please ensure your child arrives punctually each day and if it is necessary for him/her to arrive late or to leave early please forward a note to the class teacher.

Children should not arrive before 8.1​5am each morning, as there is no supervision prior to this time. A Before & After School program is provided (on a user pays basis) for supervision prior to this time and after school each day.

Should it be necessary for a child to leave school for an appointment or due to illness throughout the day, a parent or nominated adult is to sign the student out in the Administration Office.

When a child is absent from school, a phone call on the day of absence followed by a courtesy note to the class teacher, would be appreciated. When a child is likely to be absent for more than 2 days, please notify the class teacher via a phone message to the office. Alternatively, absenteeism can be notified using the BCE Connect App.