​We are very fortunate to have a number of people who volunteer to help out in various ways at St. Luke's. Due to a legislative requirement, it is now mandatory that all volunteers (including parents of St Luke's students) undergo student protection training. 

Brisbane Catholic Education require that all volunteers (parents, grandparents, etc) complete an online Student Protection and Parent Code of Conduct Course.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete and when completed you are asked to print out the Completion Form, complete it with your information and send to school.  It supersedes any previous training or  forms  and must be completed for you to assist us in any way – swimming, tuckshop, uniform shop, classroom assistance, Fete, Library assistance or any other time when you come to school to volunteer.

If you have previously completed the training, you are required to complete the updated training and form.

To locate the Code of Conduct Book and online course for volunteers, ​ click on the link below.


Importantly – remember to send the completed form to school as soon as it is completed. Volunteers will be unable to assist, without completing this training.​


Your nam​​​e will then be added to a central St. Luke's volunteer register. Hence, you only need to participate in this process once regardless of the various volunteer activities you m​ay engage in.

All volunteers must sign in and out of the front office when working in the school.  A sign in/out book is located in the front foyer of the Office, along with volunteer labels. Please remember to sign in via the Office before moving to other areas of the school.