Parental Involvement

Our Vision for the Child

“It is the quality of growth and development of each pupil that is the central concern of the primary school.” G.W. Bassett.

Each child is a unique being with certain abilities and potential for growth. To achieve the ultimate goal it is necessary for the child to realise his/her own worth and thus acquire self-esteem which leads to self-discipline. Parents have the unique ability to create a family atmosphere which is filled with love. Children in this atmosphere will develop to their full potential.

Role of Parents

It is important to stress the irreplaceable role you as parents have in the Christian education of your children. You have the strongest influence on their lives. Your influence is direct through your example and indirect through the manner in which you relate to them. The warmth and security of a stable family life is the greatest single factor contributing to the development of a well adjusted child. The school provides the supportive atmosphere which complements the Christian living in the family. In sending your child to St Luke’s you are committing yourselves to supporting and nurturing the gift of faith within your child. There is an expectation then that all parents are involved in the sacramental life of the parish within which they worship. As well, there will be times when your child’s class group is involved in supporting the sacramental life of St Luke’s Parish and it is expected that parents will be supportive of such occasions. In addition, it is expected that parents will be involved in other aspects of school life in some form or another.... P & F Association, helping with sport or in the classroom, joining in the social life of our community, helping with the school’s maintenance program etc.

Role of Teachers

The teacher’s role is to facilitate learning for the child. The teacher endeavours to lead the children to experiences that are both worthwhile and appropriate to their age and maturity and tries at the same time to challenge their minds and initiatives. Our children should be capable of making Christian responses to the situations of their environment - responses suitable to their age and emotional development. This is why we believe that the catholic school is so fundamentally important.

Communication with parents

Parents are partners in the education of their children with the community of St Luke’s.  For children to reach their potential, this partnership is crucial.  The focus of this partnership is the welfare, growth and development of the children in our joint care. Good, open parent-teacher communication is very important at St Luke’s Catholic Parish School. For parents it is so much easier to solve problems, to feel reassured and to be confident in what is happening in the classroom when there are open channels of communication between home and school.  A Parent Partnership Process document has been compiled and is available to all parents.

Teachers will readily make themselves available to meet with parents to discuss a child’s progress. However, at no time will teachers be available for such meetings when they have teaching or supervisory responsibilities. To do otherwise would be to ask them to compromise their ‘duty of care’. The usual practice for arranging such meetings is for parents to leave a return phone call message for the class teacher with our school’s secretary. The call will be returned.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is an essential aspect of school life at St Luke’s. Our Parents and Friends Association plays a vital role in nurturing our sense of community, in supporting the maintenance and improvement of the learning environment for students, and, in addressing and responding to broader educational issues. Our School Development Plan Advisory Group is made up of elected staff and parent representatives who meet on a regular basis to advise the Principal in relation to broad school issues. At St Luke’s Catholic Parish School we value open dialogue with our parents and we strive to develop and maintain healthy relationships among and between staff, students and their families. Community life at St Luke’s is strongly linked to the community life of our parish.