Business Directory

​The St Luke’s Community Business Directory serves to provide a listing of services available in our local community.  The purpose of this directory is to:

  • Provide families (and other website visitors) with the contact details of those in our community who provide a particular service,
  • Provide families with an opportunity to advertise their business,
  • Support the school’s budget through fees received from advertisers.

Please note that St Luke’s Catholic Parish School does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of these organisations, services, or activities.

Further details regarding advertising may be obtained by clicking here or by contacting our School Office on 3245 9595 or emailing

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​E T A Properties Group

Brand new family owned and operated Real Estate Agency - Specialising in Property Management 

6.5% + GST Management Fees

Contact us today 
p:  (0​7) 3134 2087