Thank You

Thank you for the amazing support that our parents and families have shown during these changed times. We are grateful to parents for adhering to the drop and go area at the front of the school. I am so very proud of the resilience and independence the students are showing with less and less requiring to the be escorted to classrooms and are leaving mum, dad or grandparents with a hug and a smile! We will continue to provide support for our younger students in the mornings.

The afternoon pick-up is also moving better this week. We are coming out and collecting the names required and calling the students earlier. This is helping move the students off the grounds without the need for parents to get out of their cars and is keeping traffic congestion to a minimum. Please ensure your name card is displayed prominently to assist staff in moving the students and cars through the pick-up zone with smoother efficiency. A reminder if you require additional Surname name cards, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

We are also grateful for those families not sending students who are unwell to school. Current QLD Health advice is that any unwell child (or adult) should not be sent to school. As it is winter and colder in the mornings and evenings, common colds will still be circulating. Our increased hygiene practices and requirements for people to stay away when unwell, all assist in maintaining the health and safety of all on our school grounds.