Term 3 Update

With the ever-changing nature of society currently, we are constantly monitoring and adapting plans. One of the plans that have had to be changed yesterday is the Yr 6 Canberra trip. Unfortunately, this is a long-held tradition at St Luke’s and one the students in Yr 6 look forward to as a “rite of passage” from our school, and we had to make the difficult decision, after BCE advice, today to cancel the proposed trip. Currently, we have been informed that no camps, excursions, assemblies or events can go ahead in Term 3. We have tentatively booked a camp for Yr 6 in Term 4 and we are hopeful that this and the Yr 5 camp will be able to go ahead. We will receive advice on this from BCE in Term 3.

I commend the way in which the Yr 6 students handled the news yesterday. They demonstrated our quality of resilience in being disappointed but understanding why this couldn’t go ahead as planned, and even volunteering to come back in December to go on the Canberra trip (sorry kids not happening!).