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Recycling at St Luke’s -

​As most of you will already be aware, the Queensland State Government has started a Container Deposit Scheme to refund 10 cents on every single use bottle, can or popper. As a result, the P and F has set up an account with Containers for Change. This money will go directly towards our Casserole Club and help our families in need. We will have 2 new bins, one in each lunch shed, to assist in collecting these containers.

How you can help:

  1. When you return your empty cans and bottles to a refund station, quote our Scheme ID code and funds will be deposits directly t​o the St Luke’s P and F account. Our ID Code: C10151163
  2. Encourage your kids to recycle their drink containers at school (of course we do understand if they want to take them home to recycle😊).
  3. Our P and F events will now have recycling bins available for you to dispose of your drink bottles, cans and poppers. So please look out for these at future events.
  4. Educate your kids about the recycling program. What can be recycled and how. ie. We need to remove straws from poppers – this will save the P& F volunteers a lot of time!
  5. ​You can also send in drink containers from home for the children to place in the recycle bins and we will gladly recycle them. Please send only poppers, cans and plastic bottles to school (no glass bottles please!). We will also be placing a new wheelie bin near the office for easy depositing of your recyclable items.

Together we can help the planet and raise money to help our community!


Major P&F Fundraiser 2019
This year the P&F Association will be trialing a new major fundraiser for 2019. Instead of the festival we will be holding a Colour Run.  Colour Runs have been extremely successful in other schools, proving to be great fundraisers as well as wonderful community events. The Colour Run will take place on Friday, 20 September, the last day of Term 3. The day will be a great community event and a fantastic way to end the term. All family members will be encouraged to participate and enjoy the day together. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months.