Library News - Minecraft Education

​Some of our classes have begun exploring with Minecraft during library time. This is a new experience for all of the teachers and some of the students. BCE have purchased a subscription for all our students to Minecraft Education Edition. Students can only access it using their school email and password.

The Year 5’s were the first to just have some sandpit time to explore, they have not followed through with specific lessons as they are currently doing robotics during library using Lego WeDo 2.0.

The Year 4’s will start today with their first Minecraft lesson. The year 3’s have been our main explorers and are currently working on creating a monument or statue to commemorate 50 years of the first moon walk.

The Edu version works with LAN so that means only those on the same WiFi system can access the same worlds. If your children were using it at home they can only play by themselves or with someone else connected to the same WiFi – eg. In your house.

At school they have so far only be allowed to use creative mode in the peaceful setting. They can change those settings themselves and are able to access survival and adventure as well as easy, normal and hard difficulty levels. Creative mode is great for building things, survival mode means they have to hunt for various items to help them survive, adventure mode is where they just explore the platform with limited interaction. Peaceful level means nothing can hurt them whereas the other levels do have mobs of Minecraft creatures, some of whom can hurt the avatar; however students will get their strength back or respawn and be able to continue the game.

Minecraft Edu is an app that we are just exploring classroom possibilities with. I know many students are excited to have this app on their iPads. It is entirely up to families of they will allow their students to play at home. This is an open-ended app that has many possibilities for students to explore, create, learn and problem solve.