Cyber Safety & Social Media Use

There have been some very disturbing reports of inappropriate content on social media targeting young people and displaying content of a graphic and violent nature. As a 1:1 iPad school, St Luke’s reguarly reminds and explicitly teaches our students about the importance of vigilance and safety in relation to social media. Our devices at school are protected and typically students cannot access anything that is disturbing. However, cyber criminals are using more and more deceptive techniques to ‘trick’ young people into areas or viewing images and content that they should not be viewing. This can also happen when there is inadequate supervision of devices and apps that children are accessing. We would strongly encourage our parent community to continue to be proactive and closely monitoring the technology use of their children. Last week I included some valuable information from a cyber safety expert and would highly recommend those who didn’t view the link to do so this week. Below is some further information regarding social media use and digital citizenship and the long-lasting effects on a student's reputation misuse can cause.

With the school holidays next week, I have also included some practical and helpful information in the link below regarding internet addiction, how to see if your child is addicted and strategies to assist if you are concerned.