Book Week

Theme: Find your treasure
Parade: Monday 20th August 8.40am in the Emmaus Centre
Book Swap: See below for details
Author Visit: Friday 31st August – Deborah Abela

Book Week is here again and the students have already started engaging during library time with the shortlisted titles. Last week we looked at Early Childhood titles, ask them what we are doing this week.

Our parade will happen on Monday morning, 20th August, children are encouraged to dress as their favourite book character. This ye​ar’s theme is “Find Your Treasure” so feel free to make it easy on yourself and push the pirate theme!!!

We will be doing a book swap again this year (trying to schedule this every second year). Children are invited to bring in one or two books from home. All donated books will be displayed in the Library Makerspace where children will come in class groups to choose a swap. Please note that books must be in reasonable condition and suitable for primary school children. The idea behind the swap is they get to experience the pleasure of giving away a valued book but also have the fun of choosing a new replacement. Please note that some children will want what they want and we want to give them the opportunity to choose for themselves, so please don’t be cross if they bring home something you don’t love or is in worse condition then what they donated – it is all part of the learning experience.

On Monday after the Book Week Parade we have a special author visit. Diane Harris, who has written a beautiful rhyming book called Rosie The Party Pig, will be visiting Queensland during Book Week and has offered to come along and share her writing experience with our school. Diane is grandmother to one of our Prep children, Grace, so we are especially grateful to her sharing her visit with all of us at St Luke's. Book talks will be on after the parade and continuing throughout the day. Diane will have some books for sale on the day so I wanted parents to be aware that there is an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book if they would like to do so. Information regarding costs will be posted to the Library Blog later in the week when we have more information.​​